Spiritual direction is the ministry of helping people notice where God is at work in their prayer and their daily life.

The Companionship Role in Spiritual Care

At times spiritual direction sessions may enter into the other forms of spiritual companionship in order to assist the directee in finding God’s call in their life. Depending upon the circumstance the human spiritual director accompanies the retreatant/directee as a Spiritual Counselor,  a Companion, a Facilitator, a Coach, a Teacher, and always as a Holy Listener.

List of Directors

Education and Formation

Some have formal education with certificates or advanced graduate degrees in spiritual direction from universities, some may have short-term or long-term study within an organization, while some may have no formal or informal education and are called to a ministry of holy listening. Directors can be lay, religious, or ordained, working in retreat houses, monasteries, seminaries, within parishes as part of their regular duties, or in private practice.