Vicar General of Baton Rouge

Very Rev. Tom Ranzino


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       . Confirmation 

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Our Lady of the Way, Spiritual Life Center, may be new by name to the area but the heritage of the land on which it now occupies has roots dating back to 1985. This is when the Sisters of St. Benedict, affiliated with St. Scholastica Priory in Petersham, Mass. came to Tickfaw. The wrought iron gates surrounding the Antioch Road property have welcomed contemplative nuns and women who traveled to the Tickfaw monastery for their spiritual vocation. Faithful worshipers who practice their faith through prayer and humility were drawn to the grounds for its tranquility.

Unexpected trials for the St Scholastica Priory created an uncertain destiny for the Tickfaw monastery. The order had no choice but to use the Tickfaw monastery, their daughter house, as collateral for a loan to provide the necessary funds to continue their work being done in Petersham. Both properties were in danger of being lost. At the same time the prioress administrator was called to live not in Tickfaw but in Petersham, thus it was a hard decision but one that had to be made, the Sisters of Benedict followed their Mother Superior to Petersham. This consecrated property was placed in God’s hands as the decision to leave Tickfaw was made.

Thus is the land and facility previously consecrated to nuture prayer and awareness of God’s presence, the reception of guests as Christ did, an outflowing of love of Christ and neighbor is now the home of Our Lady of the Way. It opens those wrought iron gates once again to the faithful seeking a place of tranquility for prayer, healing, conversion and mercy where amazing transformation happens when one disconnects from the craziness of life and connects with God and each other thru the help of Our Lady of the Way. 

Our Heritage 

*Rates per night :

 $70 semi / $85 private rooms -plus meals.


Our Lady of the Way Retreat Center

Recently a privately owned Retreat Center named Our Lady of the Way was opened on property that previously housed  the Benedictine Sisters of Our Lady Queen Monastery.  Questions were asked of the Chancery about the status of this Center and its intention.

Our Lady of the Way is a “private association”, operating within our diocesan territory independently.  They wish to operate in accord with Catholic Church teachings, and remain faithful to the authority of the Bishop. The Retreat Center will operate in our Diocese, and will be subject to the vigilance of our Bishop.

The Center’s purposes, values, methods and goals are consonant with the Catholic Church. Programs and other offerings at the Center will be communicated to the Office of Evangelization and Catechesis, and periodically may be shared with parishes via mail from the Center itself.  The title Our Lady of the Way Retreat Center does not use the word “Catholic” for a specific reason. The inclusion of the word “Catholic” in the title would change the juridical relationship with the Diocese, and neither the owner nor the Diocese wish to do so at this time. 

Priests who come to the Center from outside the Diocese to help with retreats or other programs will have to fulfill all required suitability documentation. The Chapel at the Center has been properly blessed and the Eucharist and the other sacraments may be celebrated there.  No weddings will be permitted there. The Center has liability insurance.

What this means is that any Church parish may use these retreat facilities and the local pastor may determine whether to advertise or participate in programs and retreats offered at the Center at his discretion. 


    .  Chapel

    .  Sleeping capacity 40 - Semi private

    .  2 private apartments

    .  Conference room ( 50+) 

    .  2 Meeting Rooms + Study 

    .  Dinning Hall

    . ​10 acres of beautiful grounds 

    .  2 patios