Father Phillip Scott 

May 18th - 20th.

Men & Women 

" To Live No Longer As An Orphaned",

but as a son and daughter in the house

of the Father.

Friday 18th. arrival after 6pm. no meal.

Sat.19th. B/L/D

Sun.20th. Breakfast-Dismiss after Holy Mass

Fee: Semi private room w/meals $170.00

         Private room w/meals $220.00 

         Commuter w/meals - $110.00                                                                                                                              ​​

Registration online : Go to contact page.

​Our Lady of the Way Spiritual Life Center





    Our Lady of The Way Spiritual Life Center

​​​The Mission at Our Lady of the Way Spiritual Life Center is to serve God's people through its dedication to Mother of Jesus who leads the way to her Son and God, Our Heavenly Father .

It is our mission to help each other connect with God and transformed into the image of Christ, through His Word , His Creation and Community, through the example of Mary's maternal love and consolation . 

Our Lady of the Way Spiritual Life Center serves in obedience to the magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church